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My June 2018 Book Event Success!

So sorry it has been a while since my last blog post I have been so busy with my book Never Forsaken and trying to push the message God has put in my heart out to the world. So here’s a quick update on how God is using my inspirational message. Just this past Saturday I had a very successful book signing event at Barnes and Noble bookstore in Fenton Missouri. I am currently on a book tour and will pop in to share the Word of the day and updates on all book signings, I hope all of you will continue to follow my blog and experience this wonderful journey of faith with me.

Below are photos of my happy readers with their autographed copies of my book Never Forsaken and event photographs as well. Jesus was definitely there, the atmosphere was very positive.

Never Forsaken book signing event June 16, 2018  please support the message of God’s Kingdom get your copy today by clicking the link below!

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Barnes And Noble Summer 2018 Book Signing Event!

Good Afternoon Blog Readers! if your in the Fenton Mo area or surrounding areas, save the date of June 16, 2018. I will be having my official book signing of my newly released book Never Forsaken at Barnes And Noble Fenton Bookstore Location, below you will find the full address and details about the event in the attached link! I look forward to seeing you there.

June 16 Never Forsaken event flyer


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Happy Mother’s Day Salute

Today is a very special day! As we celebrate mom’s all over the world, take time to really reflect on what being a mom is really all about. Childbirth it’s hard, It’s painful, It’s well, a risk of one brave woman’s life to bring another life in to existence.  But wait. What about the mother’s that haven’t given birth to a child physically? today we celebrate the moms that stepped up for children who at birth or either some point within their lives lost their biological mother and needed someone to step in and give them that love and security. we are thankful for all adoptive and stepmother’s. as a mom myself I know first hand about how much work it is to love and nurture a child, to teach them in the way they should go in their lives. to feed, cloth, kiss them goodnight, wipe their tears and be their biggest supporter when they need it most.  To all the wonderful moms today their is a salute in order, one that say’s Thank you for all you do. for getting the kids on the bus every morning for school on time, for helping their daughters pick out that very special dress on their wedding day. I guess what i’m trying to say is to all the Mother’s in the world today from border to border, and across the wide seas, Happy Mother’s Day with Love from Marlena Gardner and the On Fire For God ministry blog. God is on our side we will always have a Lord and savior that will continue to bless, carry and keep us through the responsibility that it is to be a mom. have a blast today ladies you’ve earned it! Now go and call a mother, including your own if possible and tell her how grateful you are to have her in your life.