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The Acts of the Apostles day 1

Today readers I would like to introduce the book of Acts,  This book is so important to me because it is the very time that Jesus gave commandments to the apostles he chose. They had questions that Jesus answered before he was taken up and received in a cloud. Please I urge you to get your bible out and journey with me, as I begin in the first chapter I wanted to capitalize the text that it may stand out greatly, and set the pace for our journey through the Acts of the Apostles…                                                                                                                                                                                 1 THE FORMER ACCOUNT I MADE O THEOPHILUS, OF ALL THAT JESUS BEGAN BOTH TO DO AND TEACH, UNTIL THE DAY THAT HE WAS TAKEN UP , AFTER HE THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT HAD GIVEN COMMANDMENTS TO THE APOSTLES WHOM HE HAD CHOSEN, 3 TO WHOM HE ALSO PRESENTED HIMSELF ALIVE AFTER HIS SUFFERING BY MANY INFALLIBLE PROOFS, BEING SEEN BY THEM DURING FORTY DAYS AND SPEAKING OF THE THINGS PERTAINING TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD. AND BEING ASSEMBLED TOGETHER WITH THEM, HE COMMANDED THEM NOT TO LEAVE JERUSALEM, BUT TO WAIT FOR THE PROMISE OF THE FATHER,  ( JESUS ) “WHICH,”  HE SAID, ” YOU  HAVE HEARD FROM ME; 5 JOHN TRULY BAPTIZED WITH WATER, BUT YOU SHALL BE BAPTIZED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT NOT MANY DAYS FROM NOW.”   Wow think about it for a second! Jesus back from the dead sitting with you and giving you information and instructions of the things of heaven and God’s precious kingdom. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to sit and talk with Jesus face to face, that would make believing in him and worshiping him today so much easier wouldn’t it? Jesus time on earth had ran it’s course. Although we may not understand why God didn’t allow Jesus to stay on earth, because his ways and reasons are so much more superior than ours. It was time for Jesus to go home and be seated at the right hand of the father to fulfill God’s plan for mankind. To send a helper from the father, to live on the inside of each and every one of us. See we would never have received God’s  unknown heavenly language had Jesus stayed here on earth. It was time for him to be glorified in heaven. The Holy Spirit is our divine link and point of contact with God. sent by God through the deadly sacrifice of Jesus Christ. WHOA! RIGHT? let’s stop there and spend a little time processing that amazing fact we will pick up where we left off tomorrow my dear readers…  screenshot_2016-06-27-17-43-322.jpg.jpg